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August 2016

What are the right punch dies?

What Is The Right Compression Tooling Equipment To Use

Tablet manufacturers need to choose the right compression tools to ensure that high quality tablets are produced. Before equipment is purchased therefore, it is important to establish good communication between manufacturer and equipment supplier.

​Checking Your Tooling

It is time consuming and expensive for tablet manufacturers to inspect tooling equipment. That said, changes and advancement in technology makes it easier to do in-processinspections. Below is a brief on the improvement in technology to improve in-processinspection.

​How To Make Your Own Supplements

Nowadays, it is easy to make your own supplements and vitamins. It may sound complex but actually is quite easy and much more affordable than store brought supplements. To make one’s own supplements, all one needs is an empty capsule made of gelatin or K-capsvegetarian, a capsule machine and the herbs or supplements that one wants to add to the mix.

Glass Preforms - Smaller Than Small

When people first think of tablet or pill presses they think pharmaceuticals, supplements, vitamins and minerals or just medicines. But tablet making machines can be used for other purposes.

​Is A Vegetarian Capsule Much Better than One Made of Gelatin?

Capsules are the preferred way for many people in taking their medications or even vitamin supplements. Not only does it dissolve quickly, it is also easy to fill for both commercial and home consumption. When it comes to having it compared with other ways of taking drugs, the capsules are not affected by the formulation inside it and thus do not affect the drug effectivity.

​What Are Flavored Gelatin Capsules

When it comes to choosing your capsules, have you ever heard of flavored gelatin capsules? It might conjure images of natural health practitioners or drug pharmacists; that said, average people could also purchase these capsule types. Flavored capsules has its advantages such as helping disabled individuals to take their medication and other benefits as well. In order to have an in-depth knowledge about flavored capsule, we have compiled some advantages of it below that you will find useful.

What is gelatine, and what are the benefits of gelatine supplements and in pharmaceuticals?

When it comes to taking supplements and multivitamins, we all know how horrible it can be. Often these comes in tablet sizes that are hard to swallow and sometimes leave a bitter taste thereafter. That said, thanks to recent improvements in the industry, one is no longer confined to tablet or capsule supplements as nowadays, gelatin supplements make it easier for people to take these supplements. To better understand gelatin supplements, below is a brief about the product and what benefits one can get as well as the different varieties available in the market today.

Is A Vegetarian Capsule Much Better than One Made of Gelatin

Medicines are a go to whenever one experiences health problems. From over the counter medicines to prescriptions, these pills have become vital to our everyday lives. Due to the advancement in technology, two different forms are now available – tablets and capsules. For some time, tablets are quite popular way of taking in medication or supplements; later on however, consumers discover the effects of taking tablets.

​How Gelatin Capsules Are Made

As our world becomes more connected and information is shared quite easily in the internet today, people are more curious about where their food comes from. One question that begs to be answered is where gelatin capsules are made of and this is an interesting especially for individuals who pay attention to what they eat. Gelatin capsules are made of natural ingredients and below are some interesting things on how the capsules are manufactured.

​Benefits of Enteric Coated Capsules

Whether a capsule is made of gelatin or vegetarian ingredients, it is intended to dissolve in the stomach. However, there are times when it benefits the person to have the capsule dissolve in the small intestine and this is what enteric-coated capsules are created for.

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