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July 2016

Building strength in to your design

The tablet land is a slight level surface that is vertical to the tablet’s boundary creating a junction between the boundary and the cup of the tablet. There are three main reasons why one would incorporate a land into the tablet’s design.

  1. Increase the strength of the punch edge
  2. Increase the wear of the punch cup inner edges
  3. Lower the relentlessness of the nicks on the edges of the punch

Why press 1 when you can press 8 for the same price

Multi-tip tooling equipment is not new in tablet making, in fact it has been used for more than a century. In the early years 1900s single station tablet presses could be fitted with multi-tip punches that could press two or more tablets at a time to help increase the production rate and at the same time lower labour costs, energy, reduce maintenance and conserve factory space.

​An Overview of Vegetarian Capsules

The advancement in science and technology makes it easier for one to make their own supplements. Vegetarian capsules are healthier as these are derived from natural ingredients such as cellulose, hydroxyl and methyl. If you are looking for a healthy and natural alternative to traditional capsules, then vegetarian capsules can be an excellent choice for you.

An Overview of Encapsulating Liquids

Although one can encapsulate liquids in a gelatin or vegetarian capsule, the truth is that the process of encapsulating is both a science and an art. The product usually depends on the weight and quality of the formulation as well as other variables that can affect it.

Making Tablets - The Right Tools for the job

The concept of producing a tablet form dosage starts first at the company’s marketing department. With that said, the formulators are responsible in producing the said tablet. Below are some key points to consider when specifying the dies and press punches.

Importance of Punch Length and Cup Depth

Manufacturing tablets that have uniform shape, size, thickness and hardness requires that the press punches used be of similar length. This article talks briefly about how one can determine the punch length, correct measurement as well as the effects of wear and tear.

Easiest Way To Give Medicine To Your Pets

Pet owners can relate when it comes to the problem of giving medicine to one’s pet, which can be a tough battle. As most capsules or pills have synthetic smell to it, the tendency of the pet would be to refuse to swallow it. Some pets can be stubborn even running away once they see you coming.

​What is the difference between the TDP 1.5, TDP 5 and the TDP 6s?

This is a frequently asked question on the TDP range. This range of single station pill press includes the TDP 1.5, TDP 5 and TDP 6s. The machines are very similar and the main distinction between them is the pressure that is exerted during tablet making.

What is a single station tablet press and how does it work?

A single station tablet press is a simple mechanical machine that can be used to compress powder into tablets that are uniform in size, shape and weight. The machine is used for low-volume production of tablets for a wide range of applications from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to cleaning products.

Tray dryers for drying wet, sticky or granulated products

Tray dryers are devices used to dry wet products of chemicals, powders and crude drugs. The simplest way to explain a tray dryer is a cabinet that has a heater at the bottom or a laboratory oven. The oven has little to no value because control is non-existent for humidity and heat transferred.

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