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April 2015

Oxford Vitality - The Birth & Growth Of A Supplement Company

Over the years at LFA Tablet Presses we have seen our fair share of supplement companies but one of our biggest success by far is Oxford Vitality.

Started in early 2013, it was literally launched out of our office.

We were approached by the founders James and Tom. They had the background in supplements and we had the machinery.

The Pigeon Problem - How to make organic tablets

At LFA over the last 7 years we have seen a glimpse into every type of use for a tablet press. Nowadays when someone asks us how to press glass, or metal, or even coffee granules we are no longer surprised. One that was new to us was the pigeon problem.

Glass Preforms - Smaller Than Small

When people first think of tablet or pill presses they think pharmaceuticals, supplements, vitamins and minerals or just flat out medicine.

But that is not always the case.